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Detailed List of Recent DAFx-Topics

  • Audio Effects
  • Time-frequency & Spectral Processing
  • Sound Representation and Sound Modeling
  • Audio Coding
  • Virtual Analog Models
  • Physical Models and Virtual Musical Instruments
  • Compositional Issues, Sound Design and Sonic Interaction Design
  • Sound Synthesis and Sonification
  • Audio-Based Music Information Retrieval Systems (MIR)
  • Audio Analysis and Feature Extraction
  • Automatic Transcription and High-level Features
  • Computational Audio Scene Analysis and Source Separation
  • Synthesis, Reproduction and Perception of Spatial Sound
  • Space-Time Audio Processing
  • Perception, Cognition, and Psychoacoustics
  • Software and Hardware Implementations
  • Networked Audio and the Internet
  • Audio in Mobile Applications


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