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David Pirrò


The Chimera is an illusion, a phantom composed of a mixture of different organisms. 

The source system is treated as a whole, an individual being, but composed by different parts each having a different character. These sub-beings are made up of the single sources or the single cells and claim their own subspace. 

This creature is embodied by a complex physical model in which the relations between the sub-beings and between the cells, as well as the relations between the whole and all its parts are composed.

Exciting the model, the movement of the cells and of its parts causes a coherent deformation of time properties of the sound sources. This distortion causes the illusion, the Chimera, of motion of sound in space.

David Pirrò

David Pirrò, born 1978 in Udine (Italy), began his musical education at an early age studying piano at the Conservatory J. Tomadini and then jazz piano with Mo. Glauco Venier. Studying at the University of Triest he obtained the Master's degree in Theoretical Physics. Advancing in his musical education at the Conservatory G. Tartini he obtained a Master's degree in Computer Music, focussing on audio–visual composition. He further worked at the Center of Computational Sonology in Padua and collaborated in various electroacoustic and audio-visual projects with Prof. Paolo Pachini. Currently David is employed at the IEM in Graz, and a PhD student with supervisor Prof. Gerhard Eckel.

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