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#7 Discretization of Parametric Analog Circuits for Real-Time Simulations

Kristjan Dempwolf, Martin Holters, Udo Zölzer

The real-time simulation of analog circuits by digital systems becomes problematic when parametric components like potentiometers are involved. In this case the coefficients defining the digital system will change and have to be adapted. One common solution is to recalculate the coefficients in real-time, a possibly computationally expensive operation. With a view to the simulation using state-space representations, two parametric sub circuits found in typical guitar amplifiers are analyzed, namely the tone stack, a linear passive network used as simple equalizer and a distorting pre amplifier, limiting the signal amplitude with LEDs. Solutions using trapezoidal rule discretization are presented and discussed. It is shown, that the computational costs in case of recalculation of the coefficients are reduced compared to the related DK-method, due to minimized matrix formulations. The simulation results are compared to reference data and show good match.
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