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Printed Proceedings of the DAFx-10

are either included in the conference
fees and distributed at the conference
or can be ordered from

Institute of Electronic Music and Acoustics
Inffeldgasse 10/III
Austria, 8010 Graz
Fax: +43 316 389 3717

ISBN: 978-3-200-01940-9

Electronic Papers

Thomas Hermann Sonic Interaction Design: New Applications and Challenges for Interactive Sonification (Paper, Slides)
Session 1: Physical Models and Virtual Musical Instruments 1
Balázs Bank, Matti Karjalainen Passive Admittance Matrix Modeling for Guitar Synthesis
Gianpaolo Evangelista, Julius O. Smith III Structurally Passive Scattering Element for Modelling Guitar Pluck Action
Friedrich v. Türckheim, Thorsten Smit, Robert Mores String Instrument Body Modeling Using FIR Filter Design and Autoregressive Parameter Estimation
Poster Session 1
Henrik Hahn, Axel Röbel, Juan Jose Burred, Stefan Weinzierl Source-Filter Model for Quasi-Harmonic Instruments
Ivan Cohen, Thomas Helie Real-Time Simulation of a Guitar Power Amplifier
Session 2: Virtual Analog Models
Jaromir Macak, Jiri Schimmel Real-Time Guitar Tube Amplifier Simulation using an Approximation of Differential Equations
Kristjan Dempwolf, Martin Holters, Udo Zölzer Discretization of Parametric Analog Circuits for Real-Time Simulations
Colin Raffel, Julius Smith Practical Modeling of Bucket-Brigade Device Circuits
Jussi Pekonen, Juhan Nam, Jonathan S. Abel, Julius O. Smith, Vesa Välimäki On Minimizing the Look-Up Table Size in Quasi-Bandlimited Classical Waveform Oscillators
Poster Session 2
Vesa Norilo, Mikael Laurson A Method of Generic Programming for High Performance DSP
Timothy Place, Trond Lossius, Nils Peters The Jamoma Audio Graph Layer
Lauri Savioja Real-Time 3D Finite-Difference Time-Domain Simulation of Low- and Mid-Frequency Room Acoustics
Victor Lazzarini, Brian Carty MultiBin: A Binaural Audition Tool
Session 3: Physical Models and Virtual Musical Instruments 2
Charles Cooper, Jonathan Abel Digital Simulation of "Brassiness" and Amplitude-Dependent Propagation Speed in Wind Instruments
Rémi Mignot, Thomas Hélie, Denis Matignon Acoustic Modelling of a Convex Pipe Adapted for Digital Waveguide Simulation
Riccardo Marogna, Federico Avanzini, Balazs Bank Energy Based Synthesis of Tension Modulation in Membranes
Rudolf Rabenstein Spatial Sound Synthesis for Circular Membranes
Poster Session 3
Matthias Rath, Stefan Bilbao More Modal Fun - "Forced Vibration" at One Point
Julian Parker, Henri Penttinen, Stefan Bilbao, Jonathan Abel Modeling Methods for the Highly Dispersive Slinky Spring: A Novel Musical Toy
Chao-yu Jack Perng, Julius Smith, Thomas Rossing Physical Modeling of the Harpsichord Plectrum-String Interaction of Acoustic Musical Instruments
Edgar Berdahl, Julius Smith III, Gunter Niemeyer Mechanical Sound Synthesis: And the New Application of Force-Feedback Teleoperation
Session 4: Physical Models and Virtual Musical Instruments 3
Florian Grond, Alexandre Bouenard, Thomas Hermann, Marcelo M. Wanderley Virtual Auditory Myography of Timpani-playing Avatars
Shimpei Aso, Takeshi Saitou, Masataka Goto, Katsutoshi Itoyama, Toru Takahashi, Kazunori Komatani,Tetsuya Ogata, Hiroshi Okuno SpeakBySinging: Converting Singing Voices to Speaking Voices While Retaining Voice Timbre
Keynote 2
Brigitte Schulte-Fortkamp Soundscape and Sound Design - Tuning the New Ecology using the Expertise of People's Mind
Session 5: Sound Design
Kamil Adiloglu, Carlo Drioli, Pietro Polotti, Davide Rocchesso, Stefano delle Monache Physics-Based and Spike-Guided Tools for Sound Design
Luca Turchet, Stefania Serafin, Smilen Dimitrov, Rolf Nordahl Physically Based Sound Synthesis and Control of Footsteps Sounds
Stefania Serafin, Luca Turchet, Rolf Nordahl Do You Hear a Bump or a Hole? An Experiment on Temporal Aspects in Footsteps Recognition
Poster Session 4
Edgar Berdahl, Dan Harris Frequency Shifting For Howling Suppression
Aglaia Foteinou, Damian Murphy, Anthony Masinton Investigation of Factors Influencing Acoustic Characteristics in Geometric Acoustics Based Auralization
Session 6: Computational Audio Scene Analysis
Joan Mouba MOSPALOSEP: A Platform for the Binaural Localization and Separation of Spatial Sounds using Models of Interaural Cues and Mixture Models
Estefania Cano, Gerald Schuller, Christian Dittmar Exploring Phase Information in Sound Source Separation Applications
Tania Habib, Harald Romsdorfer Comparison of SRP-PHAT and Multiband-PoPi Algorithms for Speaker Localization Using Particle Filters
Daniele Salvati, Antonio Roda, Sergio Canazza, Gian Luca Foresti A Real-Time System for Multiple Acoustic Sources Localization Based on ISP Comparison
Poster Session 5
Geoffroy Peeters Template-Based Estimation of Tempo: Using Unsupervised or Supervised Learning to Create Better Spectral Templates
Tim Pohle, Peter Knees, Klaus Seyerlehner, Gerhard Widmer A High-Level Audio Feature for Music Retrieval and Sorting
Derry FitzGerald Harmonic/Percussive Separation using Median Filtering and Amplitude Discrimination
Stratis Sofianos, Aladdin Ariyaeeinia, Richard Polfreman Singing Voice Separation Based on Non-Vocal Independent Component Subtraction
Session 7:Audio Information Retrieval & Feature Extraction 1
Klaus Seyerlehner, Gerhard Widmer, Tim Pohle Fusing Block-level Features for Music Similarity Estimation
Andrio Spich, Massimiliano Zanoni, Augusto Sarti, Stefano Tubaro Drum Music Transcription Using Prior Subspace Analysis and Pattern Recognition
Marcelo Caetano, Juan José Burred, Xavier Rodet Automatic Segmentation of the Temporal Evolution of Isolated Acoustic Musical Instruments Sounds Using Spectro-Temporal Cues
Romain Hennequin, Roland Badeau, Bertrand David Time-Dependent Parametric and Harmonic Templates in Non-Negative Matrix Factorization
Poster Session 6
Mathieu Lagrange, Roland Badeau, Olivier Derrien, Sylvain Marchand, Laurent Daudet, Bertrand David, Nancy Bertin, Jose Echeveste The DESAM Toolbox: Spectral Analysis of Musical Audio
Michael Stein Automatic Detection of Multiple, Cascaded Audio Effects in Guitar Recordings
Adrian von dem Knesebeck, Udo Zölzer Comparison of Pitch Trackers for Real-Time Guitar Effects
Keun Sup Lee, Nicholas J. Bryan, Jonathan S. Abel Approximating Measured Reverberation Using A Hybrid Fixed/Switched Convolution Structure
Session 8: Audio Information Retrieval and Feature Extraction 2
Juan José Burred, Axel Röbel A Segmental Spectro-Temporal Model of Musical Timbre
Ferdinand Fuhrmann, Perfecto Herrera Polyphonic Instrument Recognition for Exploring Semantic Similarities in Music
Keynote 3
Axel Röbel Between Physics and Perception: Signal Models for High Level Audio Processing (Paper, Slides)
Session 9: Time Frequency and Spectral Processing 1
Axel Röbel A Shape-Invariant Phase Vocoder for Speech Transformation
Sascha Disch, Bernd Edler An Enhanced Modulation Vocoder for Selective Transposition of Pitch by Means of Evolutionary Computation
Marcelo Caetano, Xavier Rodet Independent Manipulation of High-Level Spectral Envelope Shape Features for Sound Morphing
Poster Session 7
Nuno Fonseca, Anibal Ferreira Singing Voice Resynthesis Using Vocal Sound Libraries
Mikael Laurson, Vesa Välimäki, Henri Penttinen Simulating Idiomatic Playing Styles in a Classical Guitar Synthesizer: Rasgueado as a Case Study
Session 10: Spectral Analysis and Transforms
Pablo Cancela, Ernesto López, Martín Rocamora Fan Chirp Transformation for Music Representation
Marco Liuni, Axel Röbel, Marco Romito, Xavier Rodet A Reduced Multiple Gabor Frame for Local Time Adaptation of the Spectrogram
Adrien Sirdey, Olivier Derrien, Richard Kronland-Martinet Adjusting the Spectral Envelope Evolution of Transposed Sounds with Gabor Mask Prototypes
Marco Fabiani Frequency, Phase and Amplitude Estimation of Overlapping Partials in Monaural Musical Signals
Poster Session 8
Sylvain Marchand, Dominique Fourer Breaking the Bounds: Introducing Informed Spectral Analysis
Volker Gnann, Martin Spiertz Improving RTISI Phase Estimation with Energy Order and Phase Unwrapping
Christian R. Helmrich On the Use of Sums of Sines in the Design of Signal Windows
Mahdi Triki Harmonize-Decompose Audio Signals with Global Amplitude and Frequency Modulations
Session 11: Time Frequency and Spectral Processing 2
Matthieu Hodgkinson, Joseph Timoney, Victor Lazzarini A Model of Partial Tracks for Tension-Modulated Steel-String Guitar Tones
Jeremy Wells Methods for Separation of Amplitude and Frequency Modulation in Fourier Transformed Signals
Jonathan Le Roux, Hirokazu Kameoka, Nobutaka Ono, Shigeki Sagayama Fast Signal Reconstruction from Magnitude STFT Spectrogram Based on Spectrogram Consistency
Frank Wefers, Jan Berg High-Performance Real-Time FIR-Filtering Using Fast Convolution on Graphics Hardware
Poster Session 9
Risto Holopainen Self-Organised Sounds with a Tremolo Oscillator
Joseph Timoney, Victor Lazzarini, Anthony Gibney, Jussi Pekonen Digital Emulation of Distortion Effects by Wave and Phase Shaping Methods
Antonin Novak, Laurent Simon, Pierrick Lotton, Joel Gilbert Chebyshev Model and Synchronized Swept Sine Method in Nonlinear Audio Effect Modeling
Brahim Hamadicharef Bibliometric Study of the DAFx Proceedings 1998 - 2009
Session 12: Spatial Audio
Michele Geronazzo, Simone Spagnol, Federico Avanzini Estimation and Modeling of Pinna-Related Transfer Functions
Cornelia Falch Spatial Audio Object Coding with Enhanced Audio Object Separation
Young Researchers and Student Forum
Leonardo O. Nunes, Paulo A. A. Esquef, Luiz W. P. Biscainho A Database of Partial Tracks for Evaluation of Sinusoidal Models
Wasim Ahmad, Huseyin Hacihabiboglu, Ahmet Kondoz Discrete Wavelet Transform based Shift-Invariant Analysis Scheme for Transient Sound Signals
Giuseppe Cabras, Sergio Canazza, Pier Luca Montessoro, Roberto Rinaldo The Restoration of Single Channel Audio Recordings Based on Non-Negative Matrix Factorization and Perceptual Suppression Rule
Liam O Sullivan, Frank Boland Towards a Fuzzy Logic Approach to Drum Pattern Humanisation
Pei-Yin Tsai, Tien-Ming Wang, Alvin Su GPU-Based Spectral Model Synthesis for Real-Time Sound Rendering
Marcin Gorzel, Gavin Kearney, Francis Boland, Henry Rice Virtual Acoustic Recording: An Interactive Approach
Fabio Tesser, Enrico Zovato, Piero Cosi Statistical Spectral Envelope Transformation applied to Emotional Speech
Jung Suk Lee, Philippe Depalle, Gary Scavone Analysis / Synthesis of Rolling Sounds Using a Source Filter Approach
Alexander Wankhammer, I. Vaughan L. Clarkson, Andrew P. Bradley Music Structure Discovery Based on Normalized Cross Correlation
Graham Coleman, Esteban Maestre, Jordi Bonada Augmenting Sound Mosaicing with Descriptor-Driven Transformation
Franz Zotter, Hannes Pomberger Spherical Arrays for Sound Radiation Analysis and Synthesis (Slides)
Ramani Duraiswami Capturing and Recreating Audio Scenes (Slides) - not available yet
Bernhard Laback Auditory Modeling and Subjective Evaluation (Slides)
Piotr Majdak Spatial Hearing in a Free Field (Slides)
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